I started out a long time back with noodle-house thinking it would be the place for putting down all my random thoughts. But of late I have noticed that I also feel the need to just jot down stray pieces of wisdom that I come upon in the most unexpected places though it being stray or coming from an unexpected place is of course not a requirement! I decided to keep this separate from noodle-house so that managing wisdom and randomness becomes simple. Of course I haven't really thought this through so I am not sure what I would do when I come across random wisdom!

Anyway, the idea came about because I was wondering why I cant do 140 characters entry in my blog. Turns out, I can. Who'd have thunk it!! :O So here it is. I am calling it "Twigger" and it will be my wisdom scrap book. When I look back after some time I hope there is more wisdom than scrap!


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